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The SUBARU BOXER Engine enhances both the form and function of a Subaru, allowing for a winning combination of power and handling. The boxer engine is a horizontally-opposed engine, in which the pistons face away from each other in a 180º symmetrical layout. Subaru vehicles like the Forester and the Outback are able to achieve great stability, cornering, and horsepower in part thanks to the SUBARU BOXER Engine.

SUBARU BOXER Engine Design

While this style of engine has been found in Porsche, Ferrari, and Alfa Romeo models, Subaru has become one of the industry leaders in boxer engines, giving everyday drivers a sports car experience, from Pine Grove to Altamont and beyond.

The configuration of the SUBARU BOXER Engine allows for it to be mounted lower and more centered in the vehicle, both for better weight distribution and a lower center of gravity. This means flatter cornering and an increased ability to handle those winding Oretech roads with speed, safety, and comfort. The opposing motion of the pistons also balances out the vibrations, ensuring less engine shudder and a smoother ride.


  • Horizontally opposed pistons in a 180º symmetrical layout around the crankshaft
  • Front and rear weight distribution of 53:47*
  • Gravitational center height of 18.11 in.*
  • Lighter and smaller to contribute to better fuel economy
  • Engine can rotate freely at any given speed for quicker response
  • Engine/gearbox designed to slide beneath cabin for your protection in head-on collision


*In-house measurements

Subaru Cars with the SUBARU BOXER Engine

Schedule a test drive at Klamath Falls Subaru to find out how the SUBARU BOXER Engine feels in any of these incredible models today!

Year/ModelStarting PriceMax MPG city/hwy
2018 Impreza$18,49538/28
2018 Legacy$22,19534/25
2018 Crosstrek$21,79533/27
2018 Forester$22,79532/26
2018 Outback$25,89532/25
2018 BRZ$25,59533/24
2018 WRX$26,99527/21
2019 Ascent (all new!)$31,99527/21

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