Spark Plug Service: What you need to know

December 11th, 2018 by

Spark Plug Replacement and Service: what you need to know

Spark plugs are small metal components in your engine that may not seem to play an extremely important role in your vehicle’s performance, but are crucial in helping your car to start. Spark plugs emit a spark of electricity, just as a lightning bolt would, which creates the ignition needed to start your car. Built to withstand extreme amounts of heat in your car’s cylinders, they can also withstand pressure, and are built to burn off fuel additives and other contaminants.

A sign that you may need to get your spark plugs replaced include; rattling, pinging, or even “knock-like” noises, caused from the force of the pistons and combustion not working properly. Another sign might be reduced vehicle performance, which could include a drop in your fuel economy, or even your vehicle driving sluggishly.

Spark plugs are directly linked to engine performance, which means that bad spark plugs can lead to misfires during acceleration or other issues with cold-starting. It is crucial to schedule regular maintenance for your spark plugs, as your car cannot start without them. Additionally, bad spark plugs can also lead to other costly repair problems. Poor spark plug health means your vehicle can’t sustain maximum performance, leading to a drop in fuel economy– and nobody wants that!

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